03 julia haghjooThe Bill & Coo Suites Hotel located in Mykonos is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World. A beautiful luxury Boutique Hotel that is situated in Agios Ioannis in Mykonos, just 3 km away from Mykonos Town. The luxury hotel has a very modern and exquisite design that fit perfectly into the known Myconian architecture.

The hotel impress with it’s 15 exclusive elegant, contemporary and in neutral tones designed suites overlooking to the sea, the breathtaking sunset, the sacred island of Delos and the picturesque chapel of St. John. Sylvia and I stayed two days at the Bill & Coo and loved having our privacy and personal space with a glorious view to the seaside. You feel home away from home as the Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge Hotel is small and clear. It features adorable settings, great accommodations and amenities.

The breakfast is always à la Carte. You order what you exactly wanna eat and drink without eating to much compared to a buffet. Furthermore you have the possibility to relax and work on your tan in front of their main pool with some delicious snacks and drinks in case you are getting hungry. For those who wanna see Mykonos town: it’s only 3 km away from the hotel. Sylvia and I went by foot to Mykonos town and explored the „City Center“ by our own. It was super easy to get there, but next time I would rent a quad bike to have more action. The reception will help you to organize a vehicle or quad bike.

Well, I can say that our stay was very pleasant. I would rather suggest the hotel to couples or families. The hotel has a magical feeling and is perfect for those who love clear and small boutique hotels with a unique sea view. One negative aspect: you are not allowed to iron your clothes by your own. One piece of garment costs 6 euros. In my opinion it’s unnecessary, especially as it mostly takes a lot of time until you get your clothes back.

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