berlinale 111Last weekend was a blast. I’ve been in Berlin together with Sylvia and Juliane a few days ago and spent three unforgettable days at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, who supported us during the german film festival, Berlinale. But not enough, exclusively we were invited going to a premiere together with Audi, as they are one of the official partner. Definitely one of the best experiences so far that I was able to make. On top, we also experienced that special moment on the red carpet before going to a premiere called ’24 Wochen‘ (24 weeks). An unforgettable and unbelievable moment that I was able to share with my favorite girls on the red carpet. To be honest, every time when I was watching the Oscars or the Golden Globes it always look pretty easy when all Stars are going through the red carpet with all the camera lights that capture them. Having the occasion doing the same and being moved forward with a Audi car who drives you in front of the red carpet, than getting out of the car and eventually adopt the correct position for the photographers is not that easy I thought! Of course, I was a bit nervous, it was my first red carpet moment, so don’t be angry with me,haha. One horrible mistake that I will never ever do again is definitely trying closing the cars door, haha. I mean, there are people who do that for you. The only thing I thought at that moment: ‚Juliaa, what the hell are you doing?! Down with your hand and keep going‘. Yes, that was a bit hilarious, but hey, next time I will avoid that faux pas. All in all, I had a wonderful time in Berlin and cannot wait going to the Berlinale next year once again. Special thanks to Audi for this opportunity, to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, to Piaget and Avenue 32!
berlinale000000Before. 16.00 pm.berlianleAfter. 18.00 pm.

Wearing a black Isabel Marant dress via Avenue 32, Piaget Possession Jewelry & Chloé bag.

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Images by Julia Haghjoo