julia haghjoo 001Back in Hamburg: as you guys noticed it on Instagram or snapchat I’ve been on our wonderful little island called Sylt. One of the best destinations if you are in Germany, trust me, especially during summer! Ah, summer…the scent of sun protection cream, the salt in the hair that makes it so fuzzy and pretty to style, the endless meaningful talks with your closest friends, yes, if only it could be summer all year long. Sun simply sets me in a great mood. It makes me want to be super active and spend the days out instead of the office. Therefore our project together with Maserati was one of the projects so far. We got our own car for one week and discovered the whole island with the car and stopped at several locations to shoot some new looks. We worked non- stop on the island, but there is nothing better in the world than combining work with free time.

001 julia haghjoo003 julia haghjoo004 julia haghjoo

Pictures taken by Sylvia Haghjoo

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