Hello loves, as you might noticed my sister and I’ve been in Bodrum the last five days. We had such a great time there. I will tell you more about it as soon as my Bodrum Travel Diary is done. However, since yesterday night my sister and I are in Istanbul. To be honest, I was a bit afraid going to Istanbul after the terror attacks that happened last week, but I think it’s stupid not going to beautiful places on this planet just because of some people who want to scare us. I mean, it can happen everywhere. For example, the terrible and sad attack in Orlando recently. It’s important to think positive and to believe in the good things. I’m sure nothing will happen. The current situation in Istanbul is very peaceful. The turkish people are super friendly and helpful. My sister and I really enjoy our stay here.

Well, regarding today’s „outfit“: sylvia and I took these pictures last weekend before the sunset. I love big and beautiful hats, therefore I created three collages for you in case you are searching for a beautiful hat for your next summer vacation. I wish you all a wonderful day and don’t forget to follow my travel story on Instagram & Snapchat: @juliahaghjoo.

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Images by Sylvia Haghjoo