The BC Bonacure Micellar Cleansing Conditioners from Schwarzkopf Professional came out on the 1st May 2017. The new line consist of three products. What it does is basically to strike the ideal balance between cleansing and conditioning on color-treated, dry or damaged hair. I’m not sure, if you guys know, but my hair is colour-treated. Therefore I really appreciate the new products, especially the Color Freeze one ( for color-treated hair ). With the new BC Bonacure line your hair will become fresh, clean, shinier and bouncier. The good thing is that the Micellar formulas gently remove the impurities while treating it in just one step. They are fantastic for people with a very busy life styles. My hair for example is cooler-treated as I already mentioned. Due to all travels and shootings it is slightly dry and lacks in bounce.

BC Bonacure Micellar Cleansing Conditioners 

 Moisture Kick ( For normal to dry, brittle hair ):

  •  Rebalances the hair’s moisture level
  • For soft, supple and nourished hair full of shine and bounce
  • With hyaluronic acid

Repair Rescue ( for damaged hair): 

  • Brings back natural hair movements, strength and elasticity
  • For visibly transformed and repaired hair
  • With Reversional Tech

Color Freeze ( For color-treated hair ): 

  • Brings hair to its optimal pH level to perfectly lock in color pigments
  • For long-lasting intense color
  • With pH 4.5 Tech

I’m not sure, if you noticed it a few months ago via Instagram (@juliahaghjoo ), but I had a step by step tutorial shooting with Schwarzkopf Professional and the hairdresser expert Gary Taylor who is a Ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional. Below you can watch the video to get further information from Gary Taylor who is giving a comprehensive tutorial on the new Micellar Cleansing Conditioners application such as before and after results. Worth to see:


  1. Apply
  2. Detangle ( 2 minutes )
  3. Emulsify
  4. Rinse out

Talking a holistic 360° approach to cleansing, Schwarzkopf Professional recommend the use of BC Bonacure Cleansing Conditioners every third wash for a gentle cleansing experience that helps to keep the hair in balance; without changing the key ingredients acting on it. The mild, low lather, sulfate-free formulas gently cleanse and condition the hair, whilst retaining lipids and moisture and without overburdening.

Also, I will continue to use the product and gonna share the results in the next two weeks with you on my Instagram Account. 

In cooperation with Schwarzkopf Professional