haghjoo julia 001Hello hello guys, I’m finally back in Hamburg after some traveling. I’ve been in Düsseldorf for the Shoe Fair Exhibition as my sister and I were the Testimonials this year and in Berlin for the Berlinale together with Audi. A great experience I was able to make, but I’ll tell you in another article about this special moment. You can expect the contribution today afternoon. Furthermore I want to let you know about what will happen in the next time. My sister and I are still thinking about going to London for Fashion Week, but as a lot of things are waiting in Hamburg and need to be fixed, I have to decide this really spontaneously and have to focus on all cooperations that need to be realized till the end of this month. Yap yap, it’s not easy doing everything at the same time. One of my biggest wishes is having a trainee or personal assistant that is helping with all the work this year. I thing that is definitely a great goal for 2016. So, to all girls out there ( especially for the ones who live in Hamburg ) maybe there will be a new job for you that sounds interesting? 😉 But I’ll let you know as soon as it’s the time for it. However, let’s come to my outfit. My sister took these pictures while we’ve been in Copenhagen for Fashion Week. I wore this look before I went to the Baum & Pferdgarten Fashion Show. One of my favorite danish designer that I support since a long time! Below you can find a list with all product links, in case you want to have similar or the same items. Enjoy! 🙂


Blazer – here

Blouse – here or here

Skirt ( similar ) – here or here ( sale )

Overknees – here ( same )  or ( similar) here

Bag – here 

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Pictures by Sylvia Haghjoo