01 julia haghjooGood morning from Antwerp guys, as I’m in Belgium together with my boyfriend I take this opportunity shooting some looks for you such as testing hotels and searching for great locations and hotspots to create a little travel diary for you. As you can see it in today’s outfit post, I’m wearing a total look from hat to toe in camel, beige and off white. I love simple and clean colors that I can mix and match out of the basic color palette. The designer called Jacqui Markham is sharing that style with me. Today it’s all about individuality. In my opinion nowadays it’s super important finding your own style to express your personality with. I love the minimalistic and clean look such as Jacqui Markham. As I’m a huge fan of Topshop I love making a research of several brands to be always up to date. The video that Zalando made of three different brands based on the #shareyourstyle campaign such as with Topshop designer Jacqui includes stories that are totally worth it to see and hear. Below is all about Jacqui Markham opinion about fashion, designs and her own style. You need to see the video to hear what she is talking about. It’s all about her own personal style as I mentioned, her inspirations and the importance of having fun with fashion. For me there is nothing more exciting discovering garments, no matter in which store. Vintage, Concept, Cheap or Expensive ones are always have some glorious items. You just have to find them to combine them with some old pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

03 julia haghjoo

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Pictures by Leon Weinhold