juliahaghjoo-sq7-audi-08I was able to experience the Audi SQ7 for two weeks. It is definitely the most powerful Diesel-SUV on the market. That was my part and it turned out to be more exceptional than I thought. It was an unforgettable Road Trip from Hamburg directly to Paris, than to London and afterwards back to Hamburg. An amazing experience and a thrilling adventure. When I first saw this car in Hamburg I was totally thrilled. A massive SUV it stands tall before you but also features a certain lightness in design. But you are all the more overwhelmed, when you get into the Audi SQ7. Taking the driver seat is a real treat for every car lover. The smell of leather and fine woods gets into your nose, you indulge in the luxury the interior offers. But then – the moment: Starting the engine of the Audi SQ7. 8 Cylinders take up their work and you just want to put the gear into Drive. But before – let’s have a look at just some of the amazing features the Germans put into the Audi SQ7. A great entertainment system for example and when I put my music on, I felt the bass hammer all over my body. Another great feature: The massage system in both front seats. It was a great experience driving the Audi SQ7. Once on the highway ( I must admit, that there are only a few sectors on crowded german highways, where you can experience the full power of this amazing engine ) and so I kicked the pedal and enjoyed that great acceleration. Under 4 seconds to reach 100 km/h, Audi says. I didn’t count the seconds but it sure felt that way.
In France I had to stick the speed limit, but cruising is also quite enjoyable in the Audi SQ7. Also, you get to know some more feastures of the Audi SQ7: The car is able to drive itself for a limited time, it even overtakes trucks on its own. And you are warned of passing traffic by lights on the outside mirrors. The Audi SQ7 is definitely one oft the most amazing cars.  It’s strong, it’s elegant, you enjoy comfort at the highest level and it’s so spacious. So this is really a car not only for singles or couples but for the whole family.