Hello everyone, I’m already working several hours on my blog by creating some articles for you, writing with my web-designer for the relaunch and of course, searching, planning and realizing the perfect details for my new blog, which is going to be online ( big announcement ) in the end of january or in the middle of february 2015! As some of you guys have read it in one of my last contributions, I’ve mentioned that the relaunch take place in the middle of 2015. Great things change day by day, so that I am super happy about the great news that I’m able to show you the new number-93-2.0 a bit earlier. Everything will be different and just amazing, I am so so so excited to show you the final results in just a few weeks! But let’s come now to fashion: recently I’ve cleaned my ‚laptop‘ and found some pictures that I never published before and thought about publishing them, just to show you an outfit which looks really cool, effortless and chic. It’s all about layering! As you guys can see it on the pictures my sister and I shot these images at the new U2 concept store, which is located in the Kaisergalerie in Hamburg City. You might have seen the first article in 2014, click here!