020London Fashion Week was a blast, although my sister and I had a very busy schedule. I always try to enjoy London too the fullest. The City has so much energy and positive vibes. I like that! The Andaz Hotel located in the heart of East London directly in Liverpool Street hosted and supported us during our time in the United Kingdom.

With it’s 267 appointed rooms and spacious suites, the hotel impressed with it’s Contemporary design. My sister and I got a very artistic room with enough space for our luggages and ourself. In my opinion, it’s super important feeling home away from home. The whole Andaz Team tried making our stay unforgettable with their unique service, food & drinks. Our breakfast experience was my highlight. We ordered our breakfast to our room to have some privacy and enough time to enjoy it.

Furthermore I loved having the opportunity going out to explore some historic sites, vibrant art and culture. I remember when I was in London for the very first time together with my best friend called Dalia. We spent our short holidays in this area. Therefore I recognized this place. Great memories just came out in my head. London, oh London. You have something magical!

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Images by Sylvia & Julia Haghjoo