10 / 365 – 2016

dpeowfkqHello from Berlin. I just arrived at the Soho House Hotel a few minutes ago for tonights #EInfluencersuite Event. Super curious commenting the Golden Globes with further invited guests while drinking a glass of champagne. Furthermore you guys might remember that I created this new category on my blog, called ‚365‘. Means, that I will feed you every week with information or current happenings. The whole week was super busy. I was working on upcoming projects, organized everything for Berlin Fashion Week, for Copenhagen Fashion Week and further projects. On top I’m working as a Social Media Manager for @uzwei_official and @ungerfashion since over a month. I must admit, that this extra job makes so much fun. I love creating new content and realizing adorable things for them, especially seeing great results in the end of each month is adorable. Now, after six months of full-time blogging I’ve done so many unforgettable things. It’s insane how everything comes together. I was never expecting so good things. I’m so excited for this year. Great things are planned and I’m sure that it gonna be an amazing year.

Plan for the next upcoming weeks:
  1. Berlin Fashion Week
  2. Secret Job
  3. Shootings
  4. Organizing and planning all upcoming Fashion Weeks.
  5. Working at @uzwei_official & @ungerfashion